Tips for Trips

Hotel Líšenský Dvůr is situated in the very centre of the preserved region of the Žďar Hills, in the midst of the CzechoMoravian Highlands. It can be found on the southern hillside of the well-known Buchtng a nice circular view on the Vysočina horizon. The countryside there is almost untouched by the modern civilization: is sparsely populated, mostly with very small villages and almost no industry. The a Hill (810 meters), where the climate is extremely clean and healthy, as well as haviforests, meadows, ponds and small creeks prevail – hovewer, a man supplied the country with large number of small and countryside roads suited for walks or biking, and for the cross-country skiing in the winter of course. The near countryside therefore suggests a bottomless choice for all types of trips, regardless how long is your stay in the hotel.

The surrounding is densely interlaced by marked touristic pathways (the green one leads right around the hotel), as well as other ways through woods and meadows that allow to wander long days nearly not being touched by civilization. These are popular destinations for short or one day lasting trips.

Bohdalec Rock (a hill past a valley and opposite to the hotel, 791 m.a.s.l., beautiful half-round view to South, rock part)

Štarkov castle (green pathway leading from the hotel, next followed by blue one) romantic castle ruins formerly owned by a burglarious knight. Daňkovice - a famous recreational village beneath Buchta Hill Buchta Hill- there is a radar for Czech flight traffic control on the top, by prior arrangement possibility of guided tour and lookout (Dráteničky, Malín Rock, Black Rock, White Rock, Four Maces Rocks, Perničky). Famous rock formation of Vysočina- Nine Rocks (836 m.a.s.l.), rock formation and the highest peak of Žďár Hills, iconic villages Blatiny, Moravské and České Křižánky and ponds Milovy, Medlov and Sykovec.

And much more-not even several months would be enough to search the closest surroundings of Líšeňský Dvůr. For hotel guests who aren't passionate tourists, there are short alignments in the close surrounding at disposal (1-3 km) with nearly zero cant and on the asphalt roads suitable for any kind of shoes. As for a recreational walk we recommend a trip to Líšná, possibly farther to Daňkovice, during which you wouldn't be able to luxuriate enough by the panoramic, constantly changing view of the surrounding scenery


To the above mentioned (almost everything described can be handle on bike) add up more distant destinations: city of Polička, hometown of Bohuslav Martinů, with a complete fortification
Svojanov castle is traditional place of organizing swordfight performances, craft fairs with the demonstration of arts and crafts and concerts.
Toulovcovy Maštale ( national nature reserve, amazing rock formations and canyons),
nearby castle Nové Hrady
Famous peat bog Velké Dářko (national nature reserve and also rich recreational utilization)
Nové Město na Moravě - city monument conservation area, museums Žďár nad Sázavou: church of St. Jan Nepomucký ("Green Hill"), monument of UNESCO Litomyšl: one of the most beautiful cities in our country, castle - UNESCO Beneath the hotel in the valley of Fryšávka river is located a marked cycling trail No. 104, followed by some others in the close surroundings, including the long-distance path No. 1 ("Pražská")

Žďár Hills

In winter are opened really "never ending " possibilities for cross country skiers because every piece of landscape is covered by nearly constant cover of snow for several months and the terrain is not restricted. Maintained cross-country skiing trails are situated few kilometres away from the hotel, in the area to the north of Nové město na Moravě; these belong to the most popular in our state (World Cup Race), the best known trail measure 22,7 km (easy) and 50 km(hard) . In proximity to the hotel (10 min by car) are three quality slopes satisfying the skiers of all levels including small children (children ski tows, courses for small children)