Wellness Centre

Hotel Líšeňský Dvůr offers luxuriously equipped wellness centre for relaxation and gaining strength. What goes for the hotel and its restaurant goes also for the wellness centre - cultivated architectural design, top-class facilities and connection with the surrounding countryside.



There are 3 saunas at disposal to our guests - Finnish, Infra and Steam - with the relevant equipment, Whirlpool bath and Relaxing room with waterbed. There are deckchairs to use in the terrace during summer. A part of the wellness centre are also massage rooms with hotel massage therapist.


Whatever you are through - adrenalin cycling in surrounding hills, strenuous walking tour, cross-country or downhill skiing in winter, or you simply arrive tired after a busy week - our saunas will carry the stress and exhaustion off.



-represents the typical best-known saunas - high temperatures (typically 80°C), wooden benches to sit or lie on, heat/coldness changes in a cooling pool or cold showers. The one who dares can try to cool himself down in snowdrifts in winter. Finnish sauna is recommended for increasing human immune system and it is useful for problems with respiratory system.


-is a piece of innovation popular with the customers who want to "make bones warm", but don't like too hot air and high moisture typical for Finnish sauna. The temperature of warming is similar to Finnish sauna, too, but it is reached by the way of infra-radiant heaters warming human bodies while the air remains in a common temperature. The effects of Infra-sauna on human organism are similar - carrying the stress off, viruses and bacterias elimination, relief for both muscles and joints thanks to an improvement of blood circulation and peace of mind.


-is another popular kind of sauna suitable technically for everyone. The sauna process is under the way of hot steam mist (temperature 40-45°C). Fullness of water steam approaches 100%. The created warm steam is fortified for herbs with a pleasant aroma and calms breathing or coughing. The absolute fullness forces intensive sweating and carrying all pollutants off from a body and skin, it all during the stay in the pleasant temperature. There is no need to change the steam sauna with abrupt cooling, you can use showering with tepid or warm water. Steam sauna helps to skin diseases, it is also recommended for respiratory problems, it hardens body and carries the stress off as well as other saunas.


One of the most popular device for wellness at all- massaging tub for 4 adults. The temperature approaches the temperature of human body (35°C) meaning that your body is in comfortably warming environment and the possibility of massaging jet program choice offers you gentle and intensive massaging for those parts of your body you choose by setting the jets. In the whirlpool bath you can stay sitting, half-sitting or lying. The permanent oxygenation of water makes the stay bath pleasant and relieving - so called Pearl Bath itself is very soft and gentle massage of the skin. Children also like the whirlpool bath where they have a good romp and adults can use it for social conversation in healing and pleasing atmosphere.



At disposal are two massaging rooms where our experienced hotel massage therapists provide massages with a wide range of possibilities - traditional "Swiss massage" (rubbing and kneading), the part of body and the length of massages can be determined; reflexive massage, aroma and honey massage.


-Saunas, whirlpool bath and massage are intensive parts of your relaxation and regeneration - to reach the absolute effect is necessary to relax at rest, also because the intensive facilities mean considerable load for your body. In the relaxing room while listening calming meditative music you can have use for comfortable deckchairs - in summer in outside terraces, too, or you can literally sink into the waterbed with adjustable intensity of very gentle water massaging. In the relaxing room there is always enough liquid you shouldn't spare because the process of saunas and massages demands the following intensive hydration. The wellness centre is determined primarily to the guests of the Hotel Líšeňský Dvůr, but for other customers there is also the possibility to order it by a prior agreement.