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Hotel Líšenský Dvůr is situated in the very centre of the preserved region of the Žďar Hills, in the midst of the CzechoMoravian Highlands. It can be found on the southern hillside of the well-known Buchta Hill (810 meters), where the climate is extremely clean and healthy, as well as having a nice circular view on the Vysočina horizon.

The building of the Hotel Líšenský Dvůr probably comes from the 16th century, where the hotel was built by a city´s aristocrat. Later on, the hotel became a possession of an Institute that was ruled by noblewomen from Brno. Nowadays the hotel is architectonically reconstructed and holds the historical atmosphere as well as the comfort of the modern era.

The Hotel is a part of a bigger district that spreads into 40 000 m2. It offers a closed grassed courtyard and has its own pond that serves as an entertainment for the visitors. The hotel is located about 1 km from the nearest Lišná village and offers an extraordinary privacy that can be used for the absolute peaceful relaxation.

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