THE BUILDING OF the Hotel has major historical value, it was built no later than in the 16th century – from this time we have the first written notion about the mansion, specifically about its sale between local aristocrats.
In the 20th century the mansion was maintained by the Institute of noblewomen in Brno, then passed to the state's possession and eventually became a recreational facility of the Pharmaceutical University of Brno. Since 2008 the property has been the possession of private owners, who in the following two years would make the major renovations of the hotel facility in high standard.

Very interesting notion from the recent history would be the fact that in the 50s Líšeňský Dvůr was much favoured by the famous actor Jan Werich and world-class artist and director Jiří Trnka, who both were fascinated by this place so much, that they wanted to make a summer studio there. However, they were unsuccessful in the negotiations with the state regarding the sale of the property.

Renovation of the hotel

In the 2009 the hotel was cautiously renovated, with the aim to maximally preserve its historical features(arches, overall disposals of rooms, etc), but at the same time to equip it with the highest possible comfort and luxury that is highly appreciated by contemporary customers. In the 2010 was finished the building of outside restaurant with the beautiful outlook to the surrounding hills and countryside. The spacious courtyard (4000 m2.) was renovated as a garden and the hotel was supplied with several playgrounds for children and adults as well. In 2011 was built second accommodation building. The plan to build wellness centre came in 2012.

Offer of the hotel

The Hotel nowadays offers accommodation in 22 rooms and suites in total, with the capacity of 68 beds (44 beds and 22 extra beds). There are at disposal two saloons for business and social events, a café with fireplace and terraces for quiet outdoor relaxation. During summer season we offer also accommodation in the cabins outside of the hotel. Campfire seating and fishing for guests at a hotel pond that is a part of the hotel site is included in this offer. In all spaces of the hotel, including the restaurant and terraces, is wireless internet access.

Hotel is suitable for lesser business and social events( weddings, birthdays). thanks to the fact the hotel is compounded and isolated, it is well situated for the events demanding privacy.

Families with children

Every parent knows how hard is to find accommodation well suited for families with children. Lisensky Dvur is one of the few properties, where the family will feel in a family way: a spacious, but closed grassed courtyard with several playgrounds offers enough fun with keeping maximum safety. From the hotel restaurant and terraces you can observe the courtyard and watch your children playing. Considering there are neither frequented communications around the hotel(beside the road leading to the hotel) nor built-up area, There is no danger for children.